Many retired people move to the Sunbelt to enjoy sports such as golf or tennis in a milder climate.

What time do you leave your house in the morning?

Archie made a move on her.

My French is not good at all.

It goes without saying that health is more important than wealth.

Dirk forgot something.

We'll visit the old town.

I'm not sure why I even have a Facebook.

The movie is X-rated.

There is little hope of my success.

It'll be easy to do that.

He's the only man I've ever loved.

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That's the whole idea.


Act like you were from those we can not quickly make a maker of unsuccessful ones.

I gave orders I was to be left alone.

Let's hope they call you if something goes wrong.

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Where did you find my wallet?


So characteristic of what a pious Christian would say, this courteous phrase.


Dale is dishonest, isn't he?


It is as good or bad as the man using it.

How is Jack feeling?

Does Harold want to see the movie with us?

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Don't try to make me angry.

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Did you get fired from your last job?


My grandmother can ride a motorcycle.

Liza is very greedy.

Jarvis and I will help you.

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My jaw hurts.


May I ask you just three more questions?

How about making us some sandwiches?

No one can find fault with our new plan.

We are going to the cinema.

A woman is never as beautiful as she used to be.


He's in a state of shock.


My neighbor's dog won't eat dry dog food.

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Imagine that you begin to hiccup and can't stop.

He has extracted a great many examples from the grammar book.

Before coming to Berlin, I had very little interest in German history.

He's afraid of intimacy.

We might need to help her.


Trevor is still financially dependent on his parents.


Eugene traveled around Australia for a few months.

That's a generous offer.

A child needs a mother.

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Make Howard pay for what he did.

His advice amounts to an order.

Stop yelling.


What time do you watch TV?

Frankly speaking, your way of thinking is out of date.

Do you mind their coming too?

Tell me when to call at his office.

That was fun.

I guide.

We admitted that we were wrong.

I don't know why the baby is crying.

I let him kiss me.

We were all watching them.

I'll be right up.

Are you from Boston as well?

It doesn't sound like I will get any rest.

Did they take the wrong bus again?

You can't do this to them.


A cat ran after a mouse.

This is all I need to know.

The former kings are not forgotten.

I'm sure Sundar won't do that.

Artificial light is produced by electricity.

Check in, please.

I have to weed the garden.

I am melting!

Brandon pulled out a pistol and shot Terrance.

I can't ask you to go any further.

Suzanne doesn't like grapefruit.

We're not a couple.

Fred flipped through the channels.

I would like to have five pineapples.

In winter, when there is moonlight, there is ice.

Irving listened.

Even I don't understand.

My meals are prepared by my mother.

He is, if anything, better today.


Am I ready to die?

I don't care how you look.

Having once landed the monster immediately jumped again and was over my head.

I glare resentfully at the crimson letter, is this the infamous red-paper draft notice?

I'm trying to get someone to help me.

Stuart's baby was three weeks premature.

Kitty filled out the paperwork.

We can't do it again.

I'll do anything but that job.


School starts next Monday.

All the students clapped their hands.

Ed likes watching documentaries about aliens.


The red lines on the map represent railways.

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I should have tried to get along with my classmates better.


I just hate them.


I know, as we're going for a walk we could go along the forest path and to the forest mini-valley or something?


She will become a doctor in two years.


His ambition was to break into television as an announcer.

I'd like a bus route map.

I'm supposed to go to Boston the week after next.

Isabelle has a beautiful smile.

She killed a hamster thinking that it was a mouse.

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He could not control his anger.

Are you sure you don't know Knut?

She was her daddy's little girl.

We should inform them about that.

I don't know why that happened.

Can you tell me the art of recognizing matsutake mushrooms?

I guess I agree.

You need to double-click on the application's icon to open the application.

I'm looking for a present for my mother.

Gregg and Vladislav often take walks together.

I tried to reason with you.

Susan sometimes has trouble understanding other people's feelings.

I feel so happy today.


If i die today, I will be dead tomorrow.

Lindsey wanted to leave, but Janos wanted to stay a little longer.

Nguyen had lamb chops, potatoes and mushroom soup for dinner.

We can not live without water, not even for one day.

I think you need to tell Susumu to leave you alone.

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I wonder how long Russ has been here.

People like you are never happy.

I'm worried whether your house was involved or not.

Welcome to our first Italian class.

She is bitterly ashamed of her son for stealing.

Supposedly, one in ten Europeans are conceived in an IKEA bed.

Many trees fell down.


Would it be OK if I stayed home today?

Mehrdad and Shyam make a lovely couple.

Tell them when you're ready.

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A big tear rolled down my cheek.


They had an argument.

Could I get some water, please?

Everyone left except me.

The job of a driver is not as easy as it looks.

Let me see that.


Do Japanese children really paint the sun red?


The marathon will be held, rain or shine.

Has Lucy telephoned yet?

He was persuaded to carry it out against his will.


Forget your sorrows.


Spring ahead, fall behind.

I don't know whether he will come or not.

There will be a giant crop of corn this year.


When it comes to love, women are experts and men eternal novices.

This waistcoat won't meet at the front.

I don't think that incident requires any further explanation.


Warn me never to go there again.

He showed great reverence towards the pictures of the god.

We could do it today.

Is it too little?

I'm not that type of guy.

Who finds a friend, finds a treasure.

I paid my bills.

Having failed several times, he succeeded at last.

I didn't break it.


It might be worthwhile to seek advice from your doctor.

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Today is Friday.